Entrepreneu-mer: The podcast about the fishy business of professional mermaiding

By | May 21, 2019

Have you heard of Professional Mermaiding? Host Claire VanValkenburg takes listeners into the alternate underwater world of tails, mersonas, and artists in the first episode one of Entrepreneu-mer, the podcast about the fishy business of professional mermaiding. We meet Mermaid Nymphia, who is not only a professional mermaid, but also an artist, activist, author and more. On episode two of Entrepreneu-mer,  we learn a little bit more about the art of tail design and tail making. Special guest Mermaid Syphira talks about her experience sculpting her own fluke design. On the final episode of Entrepreneu-mer, Mermaid Echo and Mermaid Nymphia talk about the philosophy behind Nymphia’s work. As a transgender mermaid, she aims to emphasize the importance of following your passion, no matter how stormy the seas.

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One thought on “Entrepreneu-mer: The podcast about the fishy business of professional mermaiding

  1. Erik Bilstad

    An enjoyable and interesting story about a world I knew nothing about. Well written, nice use of Nymphia audio. Audio quality is a tad poor (which can be distracting). Be careful how many topics you include (i.e. nautilus conservation). Audio stories can be difficult to follow if there are too many angles/topics in a short amount of time. Less means more.

    Nice job. Very unique and fun to listen to.


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