Inside the mind of a Chazen Museum Student Ambassador

By | November 1, 2016

Take a listen to this sound portrait of a student ambassador at the Chazen Museum of Art on UW-Madison’s campus.

The world of art may seem stuffy and pretentious to someā€”but not to Stuart Deets, a student ambassador at UW-Madison’s Chazen Museum of Art. Deets has got the nitty gritty of the museum’s collections down as an art history major, but his knowledge and ideas about how to make art accessible to all expand far beyond that. Follow along to hear him describe tours, paintings and his craziest idea for where the museum could go.

One thought on “Inside the mind of a Chazen Museum Student Ambassador

  1. Tim Morrissey

    A lot of what you’re doing is really good, Maddy. I took the time to listen to a few of your other audio pieces, like the one on writing, with Mike Leckrone, and a couple others. You have a good sense of how to put together an audio portrait story. On a couple of them – like this Chazen/Deets one in particular, I think you let the nat sound open run too long before you get to the real “content”. Up and establish is the concept; I know within three seconds that I’m in an environment where people are carrying on hushed conversations; I don’t need to hear eleven seconds of background to get the idea. You handled it much better in the “writing” piece – I knew in a few seconds that I was hearing a pen on paper, and then you got right to the narrative.

    This is good work. To get it another step up to a more polished professional level, watch your levels very carefully when you edit together your pieces; edit perhaps just a bit more judiciously to keep the narrative moving forward (particularly in a piece like this); and just keep doing more and more of these things.

    You’ve got a talent for it. It’s good work; for student-level work, it’s VERY good work. I encourage you to keep doing it and through the creative process, you’ll learn even better what works and what doesn’t.

    Keep it up; you’re on your way!


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