Measure by Measure: An Inside look at Mike Leckrone

By | June 2, 2016

Welcome to my podcast on Mike Leckrone. Leckrone has been the director of the University of Wisconsin Marching Band for 47 years. A lot has changed since 1969 and although Leckrone has been at UW as long as he has, not many people know the inside story of how he came to Wisconsin, how he maintains a superb band, how the traditions got started and what exactly goes on in his mind half the time. Hear from a former student, a current student and Leckrone himself in this three part series.

2 thoughts on “Measure by Measure: An Inside look at Mike Leckrone

  1. Tim Morrissey

    Nolan: really good, interesting pieces – great perspective on the Maestro! Your use of natural sound is top-notch, because you use it to advance and enhance the narrative, not just for the sake of using it. That’s an important skill. Some people have it; others don’t; and it’s hard to teach, but you “get it”. Hearing from Mike Leckrone himself, and from his students, gives a perspective that lends depth to the presentation. It’s a well-done trio of podcasts that held my interest throughout.
    A few words of caution/advice: watch your rate of delivery. It’s a bit high. When you’re recording your scripts force yourself to slow down just a bit. And, be careful to project your voice. At times you’re down in the “vocal fry” zone, speaking with little breath support. (Lecrone could teach you about that – woodwind and brass musicians are constantly reminded about breath support – more air = better tone. Today’s microphones and digital audio programs will pick up your voice even if you’re not projecting it, but try and concentrate on bringing your volume up just a bit more, and your rate of delivery down just a bit slower.
    And – I LOVED the great “pizza delivery” story – one of the many colorful Leckrone stories!

    Good work,Nolan.

  2. Dean Maytag

    Really liked this piece, I am not a musician, but I have been to a number of games, and I have always been intrigued by the band, and Lercrones reputation. good used of the interviews and natsound, good pacing. I had a feel for what it would be like at a Wisconsin Band Practice.

    Dean Maytag

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