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By | May 6, 2016
22 year-old journalism student, Jackson Rickun, quits social media for 30 days and replaces the habit with daily mindfulness meditation sessions, hoping to shed a humorous light on media use and benefits mindfulness can provide in return.

4 thoughts on “Log Out

  1. Tim Morrissey

    This is faaaan-tastic work, Jackson, Max, and Jonah. First-rate stuff, with excellent editing, pace, use of nat sound and appropriate music tracking. It tells the story in a compelling and interesting way. Writing and narration are pro standard. I even like the way you opened with person-on-the-street interviews and closed the piece the same way. I was drawn in immediately with the set-up and enjoyed following the journey.

    You guys are on your way and I offer nothing but encouragement.

    And, that dog really is saying “I love you.”

    1. David Sanks

      Jason, Max and Jonah..

      Great creative approach to telling a story that stimulates introspective thought. Try telling anyone they would benefit from cutting back on time spent with social media and most would say “yeah right!”. Your story clearly demonstrated the angst, resolve and acceptance that is connected with changing habits and finding other ways to spend your time. It also verifies that a person can improve their health, well being and lot in life by exploring alternatives to daily habits.

      The piece was a tad bit long for me or may be the pace was too slow for me in general. I think the story would have benefited from a short burst of energy in the middle. The Trump scene may have been your effort to perk the pace for a moment…did not work for me that way.

      Overall, the story demonstrated an excellent grasp of journalism and production values that advance a theme and the understanding that story telling through visual journalism can deliver a complete message by using only the most relevant details.

      Great Work!!

      David Sanks

  2. Dean Maytag

    Jason, Max, Jonah

    Great stuff, inventive, terrific production that fit perfectly with the story. I like the twist with the meditation improvement as a result of staying off social media, nice way to cap it. This was just a solid job of professional storytelling!!

  3. Chuck Steinmetz

    Really great work – Dean and I have worked in the broadcasting industry for a while now and he suggested I take a look, currently I am the GM of WIIT FOX 6 in Milwaukee and on the board of the WBA. To all of you, a great concept told very well via the medium. Your editing was spot on and ‘fun’ as well as allows the viewer to be engaged in your story. I will be showing this to my son who is a sophomore at UW Madison and should try the experiment. Very relevant discussion for all age groups. Keep up the great work.



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