12 Step Club

By | May 31, 2016

This is a three part podcast which details the stories of recovering addicts who regularly attend the 12 Step Club. The 12 Step Club is a place created specifically for those trying to live a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. While there are 12 Step Clubs throughout the country, this story focuses specifically on the one located in the city of Milwaukee, WI. It is where recovering addicts socialize on a day-to-day basis while also being a support system for one another. This podcast is produced by Pamanisha Gross, an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Journalism and Mass Communication.

One thought on “12 Step Club

  1. Tim Morrissey

    Very moving series of podcasts, Pamanisha. Good use of natural sound in all three of the episodes. Really good that you let actual people tell their own stories, which gives the podcast an authentic punch.

    This site is about students telling their stories, and this was a very powerful story about people who have found the courage to face their issues and take action.

    Good work; keep it up!

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