UW-Madison Dining Halls Go Paperless

By | March 8, 2016

Thanks to a push for paperless receipts by the Associated Students of Madison, UW-Madison dining halls across campus are now only printing receipts upon request. This is saving both money and the environment. The Badger Report’s Michelle Aguilar has the story.

One thought on “UW-Madison Dining Halls Go Paperless

  1. Tim Morrissey

    This is pretty good work. You’ve let the players pretty much tell the story (cashier, DoIT person, student) and woven the narration around it. Good editing; good structure to the story. Two things concern me about this: first, the ending of the piece – a long shot of Gordon Commons? Was this intended to be like a broad “A-B-A” (intro/story/ending) theme – an opening shot of Gordon Commons, and then a closing shot of the same thing? Because I think for most commercial TV purposes, you could have ended the piece with Michelle’s last sentence (when she says “for a more sustainable future”.) Even for student TV purposes, you could have had Michelle do a standard “lockout” at the end…like “reporting from Gordon Commons on the UW-Madison campus, I’m Michelle Aguilar”. Also, even though it’s an acronym known by probably 90% of college kids, on first reference you should probably say “Associated Students of Madison”, and then on further references just say ASM. Michelle, you have a nice flair for doing the stand-ups that link the piece; nice presence and authority. Be careful on your sentence endings, though, for the dreaded “vocal fry” where your voice drops down into a range where you’re not projecting.


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