LIVE @ the Lakefront 2016| Chicken Wire Empire

By | September 30, 2016

Contemporary tones blend with traditional roots in Milwaukee’s unparalleled Chicken Wire Empire. Milwaukee-based Ryan Ogburn, Jordan Kroeger, Seth Foerster and Jon Peik put together “The Force” to deliver their rich, uplifting, bluegrass-¬≠inspired songs to audiences of any age.

In conjunction with the Milwaukee Rotary Club, Discovery World and Milwaukee Public Television, MATC TV students produce weekly live concerts on the Lake Michigan shoreline featuring local, state and national musical acts.  These programs stream live on and are edited for time and archived on the MPTV YouTube site.

One thought on “LIVE @ the Lakefront 2016| Chicken Wire Empire

  1. Tim Morrissey

    Maya and Israel – I have nothing but praise for you. This is professional-quality production, from beginning to end. Excellent work!


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