Perpetual Bloom, MATC/MPTV Student Operations 2016

By | July 15, 2016

This is the story of a devoted husband who takes care of his wife suffering from Alzheimer’s. We go through her forgetting things- getting confused in her daily life, unsure if this man is a husband or father to her; is her daughter actually her sister?  Flashing back to their younger days, we see them falling in love, though his wife struggles to hold onto these memories. The couple also has an adult daughter who learned to love from watching her parents, regardless of mom’s condition. The father and daughter must come to terms with the disease and accept their limitations to what they can do, but not their love. Interviews with the cast and crew after production reveal their intimate relationship with this all to common condition and how it affects their lives off the screen. This production honors people who suffered or suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Perpetual Bloom aired as on Milwaukee Public Television’s WMVT 36.1 as part of Student Operations Day ’16 on May 14th, when students take over all programming and production of MPTV36 for an entire broadcast day as part of their capstone studies in the TVP program at MATC.

One thought on “Perpetual Bloom, MATC/MPTV Student Operations 2016

  1. Tim Morrissey

    Shireen – nice job of tacking a tough subject that so many families have to deal with. The first few minutes are a bit too sentimental for me, but I know what you’re doing is establishing the story line. Good video, editing, and pace. Keeps me with you all the way through. Well done!

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