3 thoughts on “The Cheese Shop

  1. Tim Morrissey

    Well-done from start to finish. (I loved the use of the lady changing the sign from “closed” to “open” at the very end!) Music carries the story well without being intrusive. The guy is a natural talker; he’s a salesman; you portrayed that well. Good piece!

  2. Dean Maytag

    I like the piece, informative, the owner obviously has a passion for cheese. Had you considered quick interviews or comments from some of the customers? Sometimes, additional elements can help with the pace. Just a suggestion, always interested in peoples reactions, Well-crafted, well shot, glad you used a tripod on all shots (I think)

    1. Harry Browne

      Thanks for the feedback Dean. I like your suggestion to get some customer interviews. I will try to incorporate that into future projects.

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