Paella Kids

By | February 29, 2016

This is a how to video I made for a camera techniques class. I was going for a PBS Kids feel, and had my kids do the cooking. My 10 year old did the voiceover.

3 thoughts on “Paella Kids

  1. Tim Morrissey

    Nice job! A whimsical take on preparing a classic dish. Your 10-year-old did a really fine job on the narration. I liked the speeded-up video during the actual eating of the dish! A good job of clearly explaining how to do it. Good work!

  2. Dean Maytag

    makes me hungry, shouldn’t watch so close to dinner. Nice Job, light touch to the piece, and I did like you sons narration, good match with the music, bright video, and his voice.

    good piece


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