2 thoughts on “Now that’s a Jig (Episode 1)

  1. Tim Morrissey

    I’ve seen some of your work in other videos you’ve posted to the WBA Newsroom Student Storytellers site, so I already know you guys are capable of putting together high-level stuff. The instructional video is a challenge – but, luckily, Brenda is a natural at clearly explaining and narrating. There’s nothing wrong with sitting on a shot for several seconds, letting her hands provide the visual interest as she points out and explains the various ear wire designs. The edits are smooth and the music is not intrusive.

    Let me pick two small nits here – I would have edited out the personal reference she makes at 2:29 into the video (referring to a friend who she hopes is watching) – that’s just to “inside baseball” for those of us who are casual viewers. And I think I might have fonted the website(s) she refers to (at 6:59) at the end of the video. These are just personal grouses, though – take it for what it’s worth.

    Otherwise, excellent instructional video – great work!

    1. Bob Boyle

      Great feedback and thank you for your kids be words. Perhaps this will help you understand why I did what I did: 1. Jill, who Brenda refers to at 2:29, is a celebrity in the circle of viewers who will see this film. (I had considered killing it.). 2. This video will ultimately find a home on YouTube and the links she refers to will be pop-up, clickable links. Bob


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