2 thoughts on “Barn Find Fever Sizzle Reel

  1. Tim Morrissey

    Really great job, guys (and gal)! I’m drawn in because I’m a licensed car collector, and seeing that ’60 Vette and the RS/SS Camaro toward the end warmed my heart. The production values are solid here; editing is superb. Very nice use of the tease “hey, you gotta see what I’ve found here” at the end – really draws you in and makes you want to know what’s in that barn. Sound use is superior – nice job of mixing the guitar track with the nat sound (loved the dog barking when the blue ‘Vette rolled into the barnyard). Great work. This is professional-level stuff!

  2. Dean Maytag

    This is a really good job! based on my experience as a programmer, this is good enough to get the program on the air at a TV station or cable net.

    Nice editing and pace, the talent is good, they obviously have some passion for the cars. And I agree with Tim,,a good tease at the end.

    Very professional




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